SPPU rolls back penalty notice imposed on professors for marking wrong internal assessments

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Recently, Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) management had fined several professors for entering wrong internal marks online, however, in an examination board meeting, the council has decided to withdraw the penalty protocol, keeping in the mind the pandemic and financial issues. 

Under SPPU there are about 20,000 professors registered, out of which 25 of them were sent a penalty notice for filling wrong assessment online. 

Before SPPU’s decision to roll back penalities came in, Mahesh Kakade the director of examination department at SPPU had released a notice for all the professors to mark each student accurately and the filing of internal assessment must not go wrong. However, if any professor or staff fails to do so, the college would have to pay a fine of Rs 1000/- for each student for required changes.

Opposing the announcement, Sanjay Chakane, management council member at SPPU said in a news report, “We have decided to go against the fine on professors, especially during the ongoing global pandemic. Already, professors are facing financial problems and they are working hard in this situation to ensure that students’ marking is done right as a part of the evaluation. It is not right to impose any form of fine.”

Justifying the previously imposed fine on professors, Mahesh Kakade said, “The decision was taken based on the resolution in the earlier board of examination and management council meetings.”

SPPU has also decided on conducting exams for its students from Oct 1 to 22 (tentatively). The university is planning to map out students who have the resources to appear for online examinations. The examination department has suggested to conduce offline exams for students who can’t access internet or any other resources for an online exam.

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