Sukhoi Fighter Jet Tyre Bursts At Pune Airport, Runway Closed For 2 hours

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Hardik Bhardwaj

According to news agency ANI, a Sukhoi fighter plane had a tyre rupture while landing at the Pune International airport today, causing runway congestion. According to local media, the runway was closed for two hours, causing inconvenience to passengers as numerous planes were diverted to Mumbai and other locations. Flights did not take off during the closure, which impacted departures.

After the appropriate checks, the runway was cleared by Indian Air Force personnel and opened for flight operations.

Both the pilot and the co-pilot were unharmed, and an investigation into the reason for the accident has been requested, according to a defence release, which also stated that no loss of life or property has been reported from the accident site.

Arrivals and departures were hampered by the runway closure, which lasted until 3:30 p.m.

“All departures/arrivals and their resultant flights may be disrupted due to runway closure in Pune (PNQ) until 1530 hours,” SpiceJet tweeted.

The bailed-out pilots were whisked away to safety by airforce personnel who hurried to the scene.

There were no reports of damage or casualties on the ground because the jet crashed on a grassy patch of land distant from the residential area, according to Lohia.

A Sukhoi training plane crashed in identical circumstances near Pune almost two years ago.

Because the district lacks a separate airport for civilian operations, the Indian Air Force manages the runway operation at Pune Airport.

“Of arrival at Pune airport, a tyre on an SU30 MKI aircraft burst, blocking the runway. In the afternoon of March 30, IAF soldiers evacuated the aircraft at record speed, causing minimal disturbance to civil traffic, “According to a statement from the defence.

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