Tata Projects Ltd. wins bid to construct new Parliament building

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Tata Projects Limited won the bid to construct a new parliament building, which costs around 861.90 crores. The new building will be constructed close to the existing building. The construction will be under the Central Vista project which is expected to be completed in 21 months, from the start of construction. 

“Tata Projects Limited has won the contract to build a new parliament building at a cost of Rs 861.90 crore’, an official said. The costing also includes the maintenance work. 

L&T had submitted a bid of Rs 865 crore but lost out to Tata Projects Ltd. since it was the highest bidder.

The Central Vista project includes a new triangular parliament building, a common secretariat and the renovation of the 3km long Rajpath, from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate.

The PWD agency which is responsible for the maintenance of the government buildings said that the building will be built on the plot number 118 situated at the Parliament House Estate. They also said that once the new building is up, the old one will be used for other purposes.

“The plinth of the new building shall match that of the existing one, which is approximately 1.8 metres above the ground level”, they said.

It is said that more MPs can be accommodated in the new building as the strength of the LokSabha and Rajya Sabha may increase, and that it will have a total accommodation for around 1400 MPs. 

Under the same project, the PM’s residence and office are to be shifted near the south block, and the Vice President’s office will be in the North Block.

The Gujarat based firm HCP Designs has designed the project of Central Vista and has been given the responsibility to prepare a design for landscape and traffic control amongst others, including parking.

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