Teens ‘marry’ in classroom in Andhra Pradesh, officials say it is void

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After a child marriage was held in a small classroom in Andhra Pradesh in the East Godavari region, police have registered a case under the Protection of Child Marriage Act, 2006.

The youths, aged 17, were studying at the intermediate level, said Vasireddy Padma, chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Mahila Commission.

The boy brought mangalsutra to class and tied it around the girl’s neck. He then put on sindoor (vermilion) on the girl and the young couple took pictures. Another girl reportedly recorded a video of their wedding event and shared it with her friends.

The incident reached the officials after the video appeared on social media.

Following the incident, junior college administrators removed the names of students from the enrollment list and issued transfer certificates for them.

The girl’s parents allegedly abandoned her and did not allow her to return home. The Mahila Commission said they would provide refuge to the girl.

The chairperson of the Mahila Commission said, “The girl’s parents have refused to let her return home. She was moved to a One Stop Center for psychological counseling. Members of the Mahila Commission spoke to the boy’s parents also and advised them.”

Meanwhile, police have registered a case in this regard and are investigating who married the teenagers in the class.

“We will record the statements of the two teenagers, their family members and college administrators. The police will explain the consequences of child marriage to everyone involved,” said a police official.

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