Telugu actor Sravani Kondapalli passed away at 26; reports suggest she was harassed

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Famous Telugu TV actor, Sravani Kondapalli died at 26 on Tuesday night. Reportedly, Sravani killed herself at her Hyderabad residence. As soon as her the actor was found dead in her room, the body was taken to Osmania General Hospital for post mortem.
The young actress Sravani Kondapalli was a part of the industry for the last eight years, and she was widely famous for her role in Telugu daily opera called, Manasu Mamatha and Mounaragam.

However, it’s been found that the 26-year-old had registered a harassment report again Devaraj Reddy in the month of June. According to reports, Sravani came in contact with Devaraj on TikTok. According to the deceased’s brother, Reddy had been blackmailing Sravani with some personal videos of her for money, she was under an immense amount of stress. Shiva Kondapalli, Sravani’s brother said in a media report, “My sister told me that she is under pressure as he was blackmailing her.”

Currently, an investigation has been initiated under SR Nagar Police Station after Sravani’s family filed a case under section 174 – suspicious death. While speaking to a news organisation, Narsimha Reddy the inspector at SR Nagar Police Station, said, “A case has been registered against one man for alleged harassment and an investigation is underway.”
According to media reports, Sravani Kondapalli and Devaraj Reddy were in a committed relationship, however, the Telugu actress later suspected that Reddy was cheating on her with another woman. In June, Sravani even registered a harassment complaint against Reddy, as he was threatening to upload her videos on social media. According to the police, Devaraj Reddy was demanding for 1 lakh rupees in exchange for deleting the videos from his phone.

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