The myth called united opposition

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Harivansh Narayan Singh, a journalist turned politician was elected as Rajyasabha’s deputy chairman. NDA candidate Singh got 125 votes while his opponent from UPA, BK Hariprasad, got 105 votes from the 232 voters who participated in the process.
BJP has the highest number of MPs (73) in the upper house but NDA still needed the support of regional parties to win the election of Rajyasabha deputy chairman. BJP selected a JDU leader to contest for a seat, saving the fragile alliance in Bihar and satisfying Nitish Kumar as there is no cabinet minister from JDU in central government. It also helped them to get important votes from BJD, Shivsena and TRS which might not have been the case if BJP had their own candidate.
Rajyasabha deputy chairman election was the chance for the Congress to show the strength of united opposition, however, Rahul Gandhi & Co. failed to gather the numbers which could defeat the BJP. Congress got support from regional parties like SP, BSP, DMK, RJD, CPI while AAP and PDP chose to stay away from voting.
The fence sitters like BJD, AIADMK and TRS came to the rescue of NDA candidate as Prime Minister Modi, BJP president Amit Shah and JDU leader Nitish Kumar called leaders of various regional parties to support NDA. Amit Shah’s recent visit to Matoshree to meet Udhav Thakrey reaped fruitful results as Shiv Sena voted for the NDA candidate unlike during the no-confidence motion.
AAP’s founder member and Rajyasabha MP, Sanjay Singh lashed out at Congress for not approaching AAP in regards to the united opposition for deputy chairman election. Sanjay Singh said, “Rahul Gandhi can hug Prime Minister Modi but he can not talk to Arvind Kejriwal.” AAP also announced that the party will not fight 2019 election under the fulcrum of the mega opposition alliance.
The talks of seat-sharing in Uttar Pradesh also started where SP and BSP demanded to play the major role as the Congress relies on them to improve their tally in Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati said that BSP will join the alliance only if the party gets respectable seats in states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh or BSP will fight the election on their own. The gathering of opposition leader at the oath-taking ceremony of Kumaraswamy only looks like a photo opportunity as of now.
BJP, on the other hand, strengthen their alliance with JDU and Shiv Sena. Modi and Shah also found support from BJD, AIADMK and TSR which strengthen their chance for general elections in 2019.

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