Tiananmen Student Leader Lauds Indian Response to China, Calls Other Nations to Follow

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Zhou Fengsuo, co-founder and President of Humanitarian China was all praises for India as he appreciated the colossal courage the country showed while standing up to the authoritative Chinese regime. He also beckoned other nations to join forces with India.

“Today, the great democracy of India is facing a totalitarian regime of China and I see a big role for India” the leader was seen saying at the webinar titled “Emperor Has No Clothes: China under Xi Jinping”. The event was attended by many human rights activists and experts on China who discussed the Chinese government at length.

He further congratulated the country on taking a huge decision to ban Chinese apps and encouraged other countries to do the same. He mentioned in his speech that China has built a strong Internet fortress which exerts monopoly over the entire globe due to which it benefits immensely from a global Internet shutdown. 

“India is a very strong tech power; we have to fight on the firewall technology together; we have to fight together against China to keep the Internet free and open. We can work together to break the firewall. This is also a tool for the Chinese Communist Party for brainwashing” the leader was quoted saying the following.

He further talked about India and how it can develop its relations with Taiwan who has managed to develop into a democracy in an incredible manner, their own voice pitched against China and how their joint efforts could bring down the forced regime. He mentioned the doomed National Security Law imposed in Hong Kong and how a nation could strive to showcase its power outside their country. He believes India can take all this into consideration to tackle such issues and fight with a greater resolution in the near future.

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