Trump, Modi Hope Talks Lead to Phase One of U.S.-India Trade Deal

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rump, Modi hope talks lead to phase one of U.S.-India trade deal
U.S. President Donald Trump commenced his first official visit to India by tending to an assembly of over100,000 people on February 24 in Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s home province of Gujarat. Trump guaranteed a huge number of exhilarated Indians, who welcomed him, “an incredible trade deal” and “the most feared military equipment on the planet.” Joined by first lady Melania Trump, he visited Sabarmati Ashram, where Mahatma Gandhi lived for about 13 years. And also visited the Taj Mahal.

Trump and Modi have consented to “promptly” finish up existing trade talks that they hope they can cause to the principal phase of a bilateral U.S.- India trade alliance, the White House said. The announcement follows the visit to India during which Trump secured the sale of $3 billion of military equipment sale to India.

“They (Trump and Modi) agreed to promptly conclude the ongoing negotiations, which they hope can become phase one of a comprehensive bilateral trade agreement that reflects the true ambition and full potential of the bilateral commercial relations”, the White House said late on Tuesday, giving no further details on what would be included in the deal.
“If the deal happens with India it will be at the end of this year and if it doesn’t happen then we will do something else,” Trump said. Earlier on Tuesday, Trump criticized India for its high tariffs. “India is probably the highest tariff nation in the world,” he said.

Before his trip, mediators from both sides clashed for months to limit differences on farm goods, medical devices, digital trade, and new tariffs. The U.S. president said the United States wanted to be dealt with fairly and given proportional access to India’s market.

Parallelly, his visit conflicted with brutal fights in Delhi among Hindu and Muslim groups over the citizenship law in India, with tit leading to many deaths.

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