Twitter’s new feature will now display labels on linking disputed tweets

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From October, Twitter took unprecedented measures to contain the spread of misinformation during the 2020 U.S. Presidential Elections The San Francisco-based social networking company introduced the labeling features to tweets related to the election. 

On Tuesday, it announced that a label will display if a user hits ‘like’ on a disputed tweet. Twitter Support explained in a tweet that the warning message will cause users to get more information about the tweet before sharing it on the platform. Reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted that this process does not stop you from liking a tweet but shows you a prompt that someone has liked a tweet labelled as misinformation. When someone tries to retweet such labelled posts, a similar prompt appears. 

The aim of the latest feature is to help contain the spread of misleading tweet, which often go viral on Twitter. So far, the social networking platform has taken various measures to this end. For instance, if someone tried to retweet a tweet with a link without opening it, a prompt is shown. 

Twitter also flagged some of the tweets from officials claiming to have won the election before the results were announced and directed users to the official U.S. Election Twitter page. Since then, the micro-blogging platform has labelled some of former U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweets as well. 

Between October 27 and November 11, Twitter labelled nearly 300,000 potentially misleading tweets. In a statement, the platform said that this represented around 0.2% of all U.S. election-related tweets sent during this time. The company further claimed that adding descriptions to trending topics helped stop the spread of misinformation.

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