Two more weather systems observed over the Bay of Bengal

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Only a day after Cyclone Nivar made landfall on the shores of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, another weather system might be forming over the Bay of Bengal. The storm, if it gains momentum, may move towards Tamil Nadu and Puducherry and hit the coast on December 2.

The Tamil Nadu Disaster Management Authority (TNDMA) on Friday said that a low-pressure zone was expected to form over southeast Bay of Bengal and grow further.

“A low-pressure zone is probably going to shape over Southeast Bay of Bengal. It would amass into a downturn during next 24 hours and is probably going to heighten further and move westwards and arrive at Tamil Nadu-Puducherry coasts on December 2,” the TNDMA told Times Now.

The news came a day after three individuals were killed in Tamil Nadu as Very Severe Cyclonic Storm Nivar made landfall around 12 PM on Wednesday.

The cyclonic storm uprooted more than 1,000 trees in the state and left a few low-lying territories marooned. Nivar, which made landfall close to Puducherry, gradually slowed down as it crossed the land. Heavy rains were seen in Tamil Nadu as well as Puducherry.

This time, rainfall may, to a great extent, be moved in south Tamil Nadu, the Indian Meteorological Department said.

The low pressure region territory, which is probably going to form over the southeast Bay of Bengal, may turn into a depression by Monday. It might increase in strength and move towards the Tamil Nadu coast, causing inescapable rainfall all over the State.

On the possibilities of another cyclonic storm, S. Balachandran, Deputy Director-General of Meteorology, Chennai, stated, “We are observing the climate framework, which may increase further. Starting at now, climate models demonstrate that precipitation force will be more in the southern pieces of the State. Spots in northern Tamil Nadu, as well, will get heavy rains.”

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