Two Sena leaders’ Appointments with Ministerial Rank Cancelled

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The chief minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackery cancelled the appointment of his party Shiv Sena Lok sabha MLA Ravindra Waikar and MP Arvind Sawant for the cabinet rank.

On 20th February, the General Administration Department(GAD) issued a government resolution saying that both leaders of Shiv Sena were unwilling to take up the posts. The government had appointed Arvind Sawant as the head of the State Parliamentary Coordination committee and Ravindra Waikar as the chief head in the Chief Minister’s office.

Mr. Waikar told the Maharashtra State Government on 11th February that he did not want to take the post and after on 14th February MR. Sawant did the same as per the government resolution.

As per the Act of Assembly, during the budget session, the Bharatiya Janata Party was likely to raise the issue for post awarded to leaders were neither given the rank and nor the oath. The appointments of the Mr.Sawant and MR. Waikar ministerial rank could have been landed both leaders in trouble as these offices were of profit.

The Chief minister Uddhav Thackery hold the meeting of all MPs from the state on January 27, decided that the panel was set up to follow the pending proposals with the central government. Mr. Sawant would be appointed for the chairman post of the three-member state-level parliamentary committee and Mr.Waikar for the Chief coordinator in CMO and the fast-tracking and fund allocations projects.

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