Typhoon Haishen Drives Thousands Powerless in Japan, Rescue Operations Underway

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Typhoon Haishen left 440,000 homes without power and damaged buildings in and around the island of Kyushu. Four people have been reported missing and dozens more are injured. Japan seems to have escaped serious damage, but four people have gone missing after torrential rain triggered a landslide in a village in southern Kyushu. Teams are continuing to search for the four missing people, who disappeared after homes were washed into a river in southwestern Japan, according to local authorities.

Airlines cancelled more than 500 flights departing from Okinawa and southern Japan as per public broadcaster NHK. Bullet train services in southern and western Japan were also suspended. In South Korea, the storm cut power to more than 17,500 households in the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula as it made landfall in the southern city of Ulsan. It had sustained winds of up to 89mph, but the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) has said it has since weakened, with maximum winds now reaching 67mph.

The typhoon cut electricity supplies to Hyundai Motor’s assembly lines in the city of Ulsan, bringing production to a halt for several hours. According to the footage sent by residents to local broadcasters KBS, the chaotic weather has caused landslides near apartment buildings on Geoje Island.

The streets of the port city of Sokcho were largely empty. Outside the city, swollen rivers surged through the countryside carrying debris and the occasional fallen tree. It’s the second powerful storm to hit the region in a week. Typhoon Maysak — the equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane with winds of at least 130 mph — followed a similar path to Haishen.

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