US President Pays Respect to Two US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

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DOVER AIR FORCE BASE, USA: — US President wrapped up his reelection rally at New Hampshire, early on Monday and rushed to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to pay his respect to the two U.S. soldiers who were killed on Saturday in Afghanistan. Robert O’Brien, the national security advisor informed the reporters about the incident, wherein one person who was dressed in Afghan army uniform fired with his machine gun killing the two soldiers and wounding six others.

He further said that “These are terrible sacrifices for the families. And these guys are heroes, they’re real warriors and did a great job for the American people,” O’Brien said. “These are tough times. It’s tough for the president but he thinks it’s important to be there for the families and recognize them.”

The American martyred soldiers have been identified by the Defense Department as Sgt. Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, 28 from Jacksonville, North Carolina; and Sgt. Antonio Rey Rodriguez, 28 from Las Cruces, New Mexico.

While, Sgt Gutierrez, had earlier served in Iraq, Sgt Rodriguez had been deployed eight times in Operation Freedom’s Sentinel, which began in 2015. Both men have been posthumously promoted to sergeant first class and they have also been awarded a Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart.

When the bodies of the dead soldiers were being transferred out of the plane into a transport vehicle, Donald Trump saluted the duo and Vice President Mike Pence stood with his hand placed over his heart as a gesture of tribute to them. The President also visited the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

With the start of 2020 alone, as many as Six U.S. service personnel have been killed in Afghanistan. The previous year, twenty personnel were reportedly killed in combat. The latest incident has come as Washington is trying hard to bring an end to the ongoing war in Afghanistan.

Recently, Zalmay Khalilzad, appointed as peace envoy for Washington’s, has had several rounds of meetings with Taliban representatives at Qatar. He’s working on an agreement to get a peace deal signed between Afghans on either side of the conflict to reduce hostilities.

Last week, during his State of the Union Address, the US President had categorically referred the peace talks and said that our soldiers were not available as “law enforcement agencies” for other countries.

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