Uttar Pradesh: Man lynched after allegedly shooting a teacher

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A 25-year-old man, who was accused of shooting a schoolteacher, was beaten to death by a mob in the presence of police in Uttar Pradesh’s district of Kushinagar on Monday. In the videos that have gone viral, policemen can be seen present as villagers lynch Aryaman to death. 

According to the police, Aryaman reached Sudhir Singh’s (school teacher) home at Rampur Bangra village around 8 am. Aryaman introduced himself as a friend of Sudhir’s elder brother Rajesh Singh, who works as Shiksha Mitra in Kushinagar. As soon as he saw Sudhir entering the drawing-room, Aryaman pulled out a pistol in no time and shot Sudhir in his chest, leaving Sudhir dead on the spot. 

The sound of gunfire made villagers rush towards Sudhir’s residence. Baffled to see the crowd, Aryaman failed to understand how to escape and ran towards Sudhir’s terrace and threatened to shoot people. He fired twice in the air. Police asked Aryaman to surrender but he fired at one of the policemen. As soon as he ran towards one of the rooms and locked himself in Sudhir’s house. Before police could reach him, villagers broke the door, overpowered him, and beat him to death. 

According to the sources, Sudhir was a primary teacher in the Gopalganj district of Bihar. “The motive behind the murder is yet to be revealed as the investigation is still on,” police stated. 

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