Wagholi Villagers Initiates Crowdfunding to Repair Roads after Lack of Government Response

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The villagers of Wagholi in Pune have resorted to repairing the Lohegaon-Wagholi roads on their own after lack of response from the civic authorities. The roads are currently filled with huge potholes due to the heavy monsoons and increased waterlogging as a result of the same. The villagers are currently crowdfunding to repair these roads, highlighting the lack of governmental response. They have managed to raise Rs 5 lakh to repair a 3 km stretch and level the potholes with crushed stones and soil. The contributions were requested based on the financial capacity of the families and were then used to hire bulldozers and trucks of crushed stone. Balasaheb Satav, a local resident of Wagholi and a former member of the its gram panchayat told Pune Mirror that the Public Works Department (PWD) had assured the villagers of repairing the roads after the monsoon but the assurance was provided with no deadline and finally the villagers themselves decided to take up the problem and come up with a solution.

The proximity of the village to Nagar Road and the Lohegaon airport are often filled with bustling developments however these developers give little heed to improving the infrastructure of the village and focus on their own projects, says Vikas Shinde, a resident of Wagholi.

Chandrakant Kulkarni, an executive engineer with the Pune PWD confirms stated that the work on the roads has been sanctioned from their end but a state government circular has halted the development work and slowed their own formalities with going forward with the repair work. He also said that while the PWD authorities are aware of the impending dangers and hardships faced by the people of Wagholi and anyone who uses the stretch of road, their hands are tied until the government approves their request.

Many citizens have refrained from using the road since the monsoons and have instead opted to travel through the Nagar Road which is a traffic heavy route. However the citizens have stated that they would prefer to be safe rather than late and therefore have positively contributed to the road repair works.

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