Whatsapp enables ‘disappearing messages’ feature in India

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Image Source: LiveMint

Whatsapp’s ‘disappearing feature’ is now available for Indian users. This feature is available on Android, iOS, KaiOS along with Whatsapp web and desktop platform. The facebook-owned company had announced that this feature will be available for Indian user this month. 

‘Disappearing messages’ feature enables the Whatsapp to delete the chats automatically after seven days. This feature is available for individual chat as well as group chat. But, in group chat, only the admins can enable this feature for the group.

This feature will not affect the previously sent messages. While it will also delete photos and videos along with chats after seven days. To store the photo or video, it should be downloaded or the ‘auto-download’ option should be enabled to automatically download photos and videos. If a user does not use Whatsapp for seven days, the messages will disappear. However, a user can view in the notification until Whatsapp is opened. If a user has taken the backup, messages will be there in the backup.   

How to enable ‘disappearing messages’ feature on Android and iOS smartphone:

Open the Whatsapp chat → Tap the contact name → Tap disappearing messages option → Select ‘ON’.  The feature is now enabled for the contact number you selected. The method remains the same for Whatsapp web or desktop applications.

How to enable ‘disappearing messages’ feature in a group chat on Android and iOS:

Open Whatsapp group → Tap on the group name → tap on disappearing messages option → select ‘ON’. This feature will enable and the group chats will be disappeared after seven days.

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