World Must Be Prepared For The Next Pandemic: WHO Chief Tedros

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“This will not be the last pandemic” said World Health Organization chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Monday. He called on countries to invest in their public health systems stressing over how we should be more prepared for the next pandemic, than we were this time.

The Ethiopian biologist and public health researcher stated “Health is not a luxury for those who can afford it. It’s a necessity and a human right” in a news briefing in Geneva. Tedros talked about Thailand reaping the benefits of forty years of health system strengthening and further quoted Italy being one of the first countries to experience a huge outbreak outside of China and how the country’s strict decision-making combined with national unity and dedicated healthcare workers proved to be a success in reducing virus transmission. The quick comprehensive actions taken by governments of Mongolia and Mauritius were highly appreciated since both the countries were at a notably high risk of community transmission. The WHO head also welcomed the announcement on behalf of Chancellor Angela Merkel that her government will be investing 4 billion euros by 2026 to strengthen Germany’s public health system, thus urging all the countries to invest in primary healthcare.

WHO’s weekly statistics were also published on Monday, showing that cumulatively, nearly 27 million COVID-19 cases and 900,000 deaths had been reported to the organization till date. India alone has been responsible for around 4.28 million cases till date and recently overtook Brazil to become the country with second-highest number of cases.

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