Yoshihide Suga Appointed Leader of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party

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The Liberal Democratic Party contested an election today in which Yoshihide Suga, a former Chief Cabinet Secretary under Shinzo Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan, emerged victorious and became the leader of the ruling party by a mass number of votes.

The leader successfully managed to amass a whopping 377 votes out of a total 534 votes, placing him way ahead than his contenders, the former Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba, a favourite among the public with 68 votes and Fumio Kishida, the former Foreign Minister and a previously preferred successor to Abe with 89 votes. Suga’s clear win in the election paves a path for him to become a potential successor to Abe, who put forth his resignation in August due to his deteriorating health.

Son of a strawberry farmer and a teacher, the 71-year-old politician is believed to be a powerful government adviser and spokesman who can continue to walk in the former Prime Minister’s path and can lead the nation towards further progress shortly. Known for being Abe’s right-hand man, Suga is a strong willed person who possesses the ability to influence the bureaucrats with the authority associated with the Prime Minister’s office. He calls himself a reformist and takes credit for tackling the barriers concerning bureaucracy and tapping the potential of Japan’s foreign tourism industry, expanding the business to great heights. He has kept a check on cellphone bills and fully strengthened agricultural exports.

Once he assumes the Prime Minister’s role, he is expected to look into matters of utmost importance such as tackling the persistent coronavirus, effectively handling talks with its neighbouring country, China, who continues to cause a ruckus in the East China Sea, scheduling an appropriate date to conduct the Tokyo Olympics which got postponed due to the pandemic, maintaining a relationship with the future President of the United States and most importantly, pull his country, the third-largest economy in the world, out from the recession which occurred before the pandemic struck across the globe.

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