Prime Suspect in the drug racket, Sundip Dhunay
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Khushi Maheshwari, Pune

The Pune police have successfully busted an International drug racket and confiscated 18,000 kgs of a synthetic psychoactive drug called mephedrone (street name: Meow Meow). In the international market, it has been valued at about 3700 crore. 

While the suspected mastermind of the drug circuit, Sundip Dhunay seems to have fled the scene and is currently MIA, the police have arrested a total of 9 people. The bust was carried out in several locations such as a chemical manufacturing factory at Daund Taluka, many spots in the Sangli district, two godowns at Vishrantwadi, and stores in the south extension area of Delhi. 

Sundip Dhunay, who has been identified as the primary suspect in this case, is a British citizen of Indian origin. Police stated that his drug circuit started from a chemical manufacturing factory by the name of Earthchem Laboratories, in disguise as a pharmaceutical unit. The factory is located in the Kurkumbh area of the Daund Vicinity in Pune, Maharashtra. The owner of the factory, Bhimaji or Anil Pashuram Sable, is among the nine individuals who have been arrested by the Pune police force. 

Previously, Dhunay had been arrested by the DRI or Directorate of Revenue Intelligence for his alleged involvement in yet another mephedrone seizure in Pune. This incident brought into the limelight his role in the recently exposed drug trade as well. 

As per the police, Sundip Dhunay cooked up the idea of another racket while serving time in the Yerawada Central Prison in Pune, along with Ayub Makandar from Sangli and Vipin Kumar. After Dhunay’s release on bail, all of them branched out their drug trade. 

They also hold that in order to escape Dhunay might have fled to Kuwait from Nepal and thus the police along with the Central Bureau of Intelligence or CBI  have suggested issuing an ‘Interpol Red Corner’ notice against Dhunay. 

Meanwhile, the Home Minister and Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis lauded the dedication and execution by the Pune Police of the drug raids on Saturday. He has trumpeted a prize of 25 lakhs to Pune police for the same while emphasizing the importance of eradicating the menace of drugs and reiterating the motto of a drug-free Maharashtra.