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 Shagun Roy, Pune

Canada is reviewing the possibility of reducing the intake of international students and addressing institutions that take advantage of them, all while facing a housing crisis that could impact Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s political prospects. Housing, infrastructure, and communities minister Sean Fraser mentioned that one potential approach is to establish a limit on international student numbers.

Fraser pointed out that certain institutions are primarily focused on profiting from vulnerable international students rather than offering quality education to potential future Canadian residents and citizens. He suggested that institutions responsible for bringing in a significant number of foreign students should contribute to the solution by ensuring housing for these students, given the tightening rental market in Canada. The housing crisis seems to be a significant factor as the ruling Liberal Party of Canada has been lagging behind the opposition Conservative Party in recent polls.

Rental costs have been driven up by the influx of students coming to Canada. According to, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Canada reached CA$2078 in July (approximately ₹1.29 lakh). Vancouver had the highest prices, with the average one-bedroom accommodation costing CA$3000 (about ₹1.86 lakh).

The largest group among the approximately 800,000 international students in Canada is from India. In 2022, out of the 549,570 study permits issued, 226,000 were given to Indian nationals. Indians accounted for 96,175 of the 238,960 permits issued until June.

Fraser, who held the position of immigration minister until the previous month, indicated that his conversations with his successor, Marc Miller, revolve around distinguishing reputable private institutions that attract students for genuine reasons from those that exploit them.