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Druti Banerjee

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are being evicted from their residence on the Windsor estate of the British royal family, leaving them without a base in the country. According to a source, Prince Andrew has been offered the property Frogmore Cottage by King Charles, but he is refusing the offer. 

The late Queen Elizabeth II gave the newlyweds Frogmore Cottage in 2018. The couple allegedly spent £2.4 million renovating the Frogmore Cottage, but they only stayed in the home for six months before leaving the UK to begin a new life in the US.

Although Harry and Meghan stayed there during their brief trips to the Kingdom, the house has largely remained empty since that time. Only a few days after the prince’s tell-all memoir  “Spare” was published in January, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly received a notice instructing them to leave the house. In Frogmore Cottage, the couple also celebrated their daughter’s first birthday. According to the story, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle most recently stayed in Frogmore Cottage towards the end of the summer of 2022, when Buckingham Palace sent them an eviction notice. The story also stated that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning to send their possessions from the property to their home in Montecito, California. 

In 2020, Harry and Meghan abruptly left the life of royalty and relocated to California. Since then, they have participated in a number of endeavors, including an Oprah Winfrey interview and a Netflix documentary, in which they have voiced dissatisfaction about their experiences as members of the British royal family. When Harry’s book “Spare” was released in January, it broke sales records while simultaneously causing a decline in his popularity.

The Duke and Duchess have previously stated that by keeping Frogmore Cottage, “their family would always have a place to call home in the United Kingdom.” The assertion that Harry and Meghan have been ejected from Frogmore Cottage has not yet been confirmed by Buckingham Palace. On the other hand Sussexes did not immediately provide a spokesperson.