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Ichha Sharma

In an exercise to demonstrate its nuclear reprisal capabilities against hostile forces, North Korea successfully fired four strategic cruise missiles in test launches. According to the state news agency KCNA, the exercise showed “the war stance of the DPRK nuclear warfare force strengthening up in every way its lethal nuclear counterattack capacity against the hostile forces.”

After traveling for more than 10,000 seconds along a 2000 km long elliptic and eight-shaped flight orbit, the missiles successfully struck a predetermined target, according to KCNA. The drill showed off the DPRK nuclear battle force’s “war stance, boosting in every way its lethal nuclear counterattack capacity against the adversaries,” according to the statement.

South Korea and Japan, which frequently report North Korean missile launches, did not notice the drills. The potential of North Korea using a nuclear bomb was the focus of a simulated exercise that the US and South Korea carried out, the Military announced on Thursday.

North Korea has kept trying to create and mass-produce new missiles despite international restrictions. State media has described the nation’s latest ballistic missiles, along with an intercontinental ballistic missile test last Saturday, as training exercises meant to enhance the military’s operating capabilities.

The nation may test-fire ICBMs on a relatively low, longer path and undertake its seventh nuclear test to perfect its firearms abilities, South Korean policymakers said on Wednesday, citing intelligence officials. However, some analysts think that these launches could be regarded as missile exercises rather than developmental testing.

The UN Security Council has imposed numerous sessions of measures to discourage North Korea from continuing its nuclear and missile programs, which have been denounced by the entire community.