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UP becomes first state with fully electrified railway network.


The Indian Railways, as part of the Net Zero Carbon Emission initiative by 2023 has electrified 6 out of 17 railway zones. With Uttar Pradesh becoming the first state to accomplish complete electrification of the entire broad gauge railway network, the electrification process is recording new milestones across the country.

Railway DG PR, Yogesh Baweja recently stated that six railway zones including the East Cost, North Central, North Eastern, Eastern, South Eastern, and West Central railway zones have been completely electrified. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted appreciating these efforts as a substantial step towards achieving the net zero emission goals.

DG PR Baweja further stated that with an estimated 85% of electrified railway routes, India is on its path to becoming the largest green(fully electrified) railway network in the world. In regard to the complete electrification of all routes in UP, he added that with the electrification of the Subhagpur-Pachperwa broad gauge route, a part of the North Eastern Railway, all broad gauge routes in UP have been electrified.