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Darshita Jain, Pune

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, addressed the Uttar Pradesh Government’s Rozgar Mela today through video message. Direct recruitment for Sub Inspectors in UP Police and similar posts in Nagrik Police, Platoon Commanders, and Fire Department Second Officers were given appointment letters during the Mela. Tweet Caption: PM Modi attends UP Rozgar Mela virtually

During his speech on the occasion, the Prime Minister expressed his delight that he is able to attend a Rozgar Mela virtually every week in BJP-ruled states, and that the country is constantly attracting brilliant youth who offer fresh ideas and efficiency to the government system.

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of today’s UP Rozgar Mela, stating that it will provide happiness to 9000 families and boost the state’s sense of security. The 1.5 lakh additional postings created in the UP Police Department since 2017—which have improved employment and security—were another aspect he stressed. He added that Uttar Pradesh is now recognised for its commitment to development and law and order, which has given rise to new job opportunities.

During his speech at the Rozgar Mela, the Prime Minister claimed that the power of security and employment together has given the economy of UP a fresh boost. He emphasized the One District One Product, the Mudra Program, the booming MSME sector, and the supportive environment for startups.

The government’s initiatives to create jobs in Uttar Pradesh, including new airports, designated freight lanes, military corridors, mobile industrial units, contemporary waterways, and motorways and motorways, were stressed by the prime minister. He also underlined the favorable response to the Global Investment Conference, which will lead to more employment in the state, and the tourism push, which has led to greater employment.

The Prime Minister spoke to the newly appointed individuals about their new responsibilities and obligations, and he exhorted them to always be learners. He urged them to keep advancing their own learning, growth, and knowledge.

“When you come to this service, you get a ‘Danda’ from the police, but God has given you a heart too. That’s why you have to be sensitive and make the system sensitive.” The Prime Minister explained to the new recruits. He also focused on training that will increase sensitivity and current areas such as cybercrime and forensic science to encourage smart police.

The Prime Minister emphasized that new recruits will be responsible for both security and guiding society. “You can be a reflection of both service and strength for the people”, the Prime Minister concluded his speech by saying this to the new recruits.