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Shiva Joshi, Pune

Brillio, a provider of digital transformation services and solutions, will soon provide digital learning centers for Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) schools’ students.

According to a statement from Brillio, the program has been put into place in collaboration with Muskaan Dreams, a non-profit organization, to give kids more dynamic, exciting learning experiences while also equipping instructors with cutting-edge teaching resources.

This initiative will be set up in 50 schools in Pune, impacting over 18,500 students. Sanjaykumar Rathod, administrative officer for primary education in PMC, said, “These digital learning centers in PMC schools will unlock the power of technology to facilitate quality education. This initiative marks an important step towards empowering teachers and students to realize a better future for individuals as well as communities.”

These all-inclusive kits also come with tablets and smart TVs, which improve learning through digital education. Additionally, students will have the rare chance to speak with Brillio staff members and take part in half-day workshops at their schools or while visiting the company’s offices.

Children will be able to explore the most recent developments in fascinating technologies like wearables, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and mobile apps thanks to these workshops, which will offer real-world insights into science and technology.

Furthermore, the statement continued, the science workshops led by Brillio volunteers will allow for hands-on experimentation to supplement their education. The “Bringing Smiles” campaign of Brillio, which aims to improve the lives of 10 lakh schoolchildren worldwide by 2030, includes this effort.