The embassy stressed on the need to reduce crime against women worldwide.
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Shristy Kamal, Pune

Following the gang rape of a woman with dual citizenship in Brazil and Spain, the embassies of both nations have taken necessary steps to address the issue. The woman was raped last week in Jharkhand, India. 

The Brazilian embassy in New Delhi expressed its commitment to closely monitor the situation in collaboration with Indian authorities. The Spanish embassy also emphasized the need to end crime against women around the world. 

Upon learning about the incident, The Embassy of Brazil in Delhi immediately reached out to the victim and also contacted the Spanish Embassy concerning the dual nationality of the woman. The embassy also confirmed that the couple reported the crime to the police and received medical treatment. The couple also identified the suspects. 

The couple had come to India after traveling to different parts of Asia. They had entered India from Bangladesh and were on their way to Nepal. The incident happened when they were sleeping in a tent near Kurumahat in Hansdiha police station in Dumka. The Spanish husband of the woman was also assaulted by a group of seven men and during the attack, the woman was also gang raped. Pitamber Singh Kherwar, Dumka’s superintendent, informed that the couple stopped a patrol van and were taken to a local health center for treatment. 

The woman, aged 28, had posted a video talking about the incident in Spanish on their Instagram page over the weekend and added that the men threatened to kill them after beating and assaulting them. Another video was posted where her husband, aged 64, talked about the ordeal they faced although the videos have been taken down from the platform. 

Police have detained four men and are hunting for the remaining three accused. The identities of the accused have not been disclosed. Many people expressed their sympathies with the couple. At the same time, a lot of Hindutva-supporting social media handles asked individuals to leave the country and go to Pakistan and Palestine if they were feeling unsafe. Many users also blamed the couple for bad-mouthing India by publicizing the incident on social media.