A video surfaced on social media showing union members harassing the drivers who accepted rides during the strike
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Shristy Kamal, Pune

Following the ongoing strike in Pune by the cab and auto drivers of the Indian Gig Workers Front (IGF), a video shows members of the union beating and harassing drivers who accepted rides during the strike and also forcibly uninstalling Ola and Uber apps.

The video that emerged was reportedly shot outside Pune railway station where the union members were seen harassing the drivers. The union members were also seen holding rods and questioning Ola and Uber drivers. These drivers accepted rides in other videos shot in different parts of the city. 

Condemning the act of violence on the drivers, both Ola and Uber issued statements emphasizing the need to approach peaceful protests. They expressed that they are ready to talk to the union of drivers to solve the fare issue. Uber released a statement saying that the assault and harassment of the drivers has disrupted the cab services in Pune. They emphasized the fact that the demand for increased cab fares would make the riders pay up to 60% more and that would make rides excessively expensive for the public who largely depend on them to get around the city. This would ultimately impact the livelihood of the drivers and the rides. 

On the other hand, Keshav Kshirsagar, the IGF spokesperson refuted the allegations saying that the people who harassed the drivers were not related to the union and they do not take any accountability for the actions shown in the video. He also condemned the videos saying that they have asked people to refrain from engaging in such acts of violence and urged people to follow the constitutional methods.

The strike was called on Tuesday after the President of The Indian Gig Workers Front, Keshav Kshirsagar met with the Pune Collector on Monday. He said that the Regional Transport Authority had set new rates for app-based cabs but the companies concerned with the rule failed to adhere to it.  The date to implement the act was Jan 1. Many cab drivers, who represent a significant number of The Indian Gig Workers Front, participated in the rally to demand a revision in the allocated fare and suspended the cab services.